Dreamin’ Silk top

What I know about the sport of golf would fit on…something very small. The tip of a golf tee? But I do know that if the pastime has an Agassi- or Rodman-esque fashion rebel, it would be John Daly, who’s known for wearing aggressively printed pants from the brand Loudmouth (accessorized with an ever-present cigarette.) His fits, which include paisley prints, psychedelic swirls, Zubaz-style baggies, and a cash-printed pair which has to be seen to be believed, have gone mainstream enough that they’ve been catalogued by USA Today.

It’s hard to imagine that Daly has any crossover with runway habitués and It girls, but nevertheless, those are the very people who’ve been (unintentionally) channeling his on-course aesthetic. After months of focus on “Zoom tops” that promise to be a virtual conversation starter, loud pants are the ultimate re-entry look. The best ones channel the attention-getting style of the late ’90’s and early aughts. Bella Hadid has worn a Playboy cover-printed pair by Soulland, and Irina Shayk recently donned a zebra-printed design from newly viral Blumarine for a New York outing.

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